Entanglements: The Intertwined Fates of Whales and Fishermen by Tora Johnson


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"A serious, humorous, informative, sad, optimistic, engaging and thought-provoking book."- Right Whale News

"Groundbreaking."--Cape Codder

Centuries of whale-human interaction have led to the crisis explored in this engaging, intimate tale about the battle between conservation, tradition, and economics in the waters of the Atlantic. Entanglements explores the clash of cultures and personalities among fishermen, scientists, and whale advocates struggling to save both the endangered right whale and the livelihoods of thousands of coastal families. Fewer than 400 right whales remain in the North Atlantic, and scientists warn that collisions with fishing gear are contributing to their decline. The political climate surrounding the critically endangered large whale is contentious, complex, and heartrending. Without pointing fingers or laying blame, Tora Johnson explores every side of the issue. She takes us to sea with fishermen who struggle to stay in business, setting traps and gillnets in the whale's habitat, and with members of rescue teams who attempt to cut away deadly rope from whales in the wild. Weaving their stories and her personal observations into a discussion of the science and history of the conflict, she offers a balance of perceptions. Her thoughtful discussion presents an authentic microcosm of the conflict between human demands on the environment and nature's finite capacity for supporting those demands.


Barnes and Noble named Entanglements to their Discover Great New Writers list for 2005!

Publishers Weekly listed Entanglements in "a preview of the season's best" books on nature and the environment!

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