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Research & Rescue Fisheries & Whale Resources
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Government Agencies- U.S. Government Agencies- Canada
Relevant U.S.Laws

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Heroes of the Sea Memorial Fund On January 26, 2003, a small plane conducting a routine survey of the right whale calving grounds off Florida and Georgia crashed into the Atlantic. The lives of three whale scientists, Emily Argo, Jackie Ciano and Michael Newcomer, and their pilot, Tom Hinds, were lost. Entanglements is dedicated to their memories. The non-profit Wildlife Trust has established a memorial fund to honor the lives of these committed professionals by supporting marine conservation projects in keeping with their work and aspirations.

Research & Resuce

Center for Coastal Studies, the non-profit research institution charged with leading whale rescue efforts in the US.

New England Aquarium, home to a broad-based whale research program focusing on North Atlantic right whales.

Whale Release and Stranding Group of Newfoundland and Labrador, team leading disentanglement and related education programs in the province.

Whale Research Group of Newfoundland, Memorial University program begun by Jon Lien to learn more about whales and assist fishermen with entraped whales.

NOAA's Fisheries Science Centers conduct research on fisheries and whales.

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Fisheries & Whale Resources

Sea Grant of Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers information on a variety of fisheries-related topics, including impacts of fisheries regulations on communities and families.

WhaleNet offers educational resources about whales for students, teachers and the

The History of the Northern Cod Fishery, a Canadian site with a concise history of the fishery.public.

Right Whale News is the newsletter of the Southeast United States Right Whale Recovery Plan Implementation Team and the Northeast Implementation Team.

Cetacean Bycatch Resource Center, sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund, this site is a general resource for information on all forms of cetacean by-catch.

Gulf of Maine Research Institute offering online educational resources about Gulf of Maine resources and fisheries.

International Whaling Commission, the international body serving as a forum for whale-related treaties and international clearinghouse for whale research.

United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization statistics on fisheries worldwide.

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The Cutting Edge

International Fund for Animal Welfare, a Cape Cod-based animal right group, is providing financial assistance to Massachusetts fishermen to change from floating line to sinking line in their lobster and gill net gear.

Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance, advocating for effective and more localized marine resources management.

Fish Research.Org assisting scientists and fishermen in collaborative research endeavors.

Fleet Link, linking fishing vessels to oceanographers

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Government Agencies- U.S.

Atlantic Large Whale Take Reduction Plan homepage offers up-to date information on U.S. government efforts to reduce whale entanglement. New! Draft Environmental Impact Statement now available. Comment period open until April 26th.

U.S. National Marine Fisheries Service

Canada Department of Fisheries & Oceans

U.S. Marine Mammal Commission federal commission charged with making recommendations on marine mammal protection.

Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries, includes fisheries statistics and links to the state's whale conservation activities.

Maine Department of Marine Resources, includes fisheries statistics and links to the state's Whale Plan website.

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Government Agencies- Canada

Environment Canada's Species at Risk Program

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Relevant U.S.Laws

Endangered Species Act

Marine Mammal Protection Act

Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act

Sustainable Fisheries Act

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