Seminar Schedule for Saving Seas

Evening sessions took place on alternate Tuesdays from 6 to 9pm at the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History in Brewster, MA. Most sessions began with a brief background lecture leading into a panel discussion among experts in each topic. The links below will take you to pages with more detail about that session.

Also, special day-long session took place at the museum on Saturday, April 8th.

January 17- Instructor Tora Johnson spoke about her work with whales, fishermen and coastal communities facing environmental and economic change. The evening concluded with break-out discussions about marine environmental issues

January 31- Panel: Whither the right whale?

February 14- Panel: Staking Claims to Georges Bank and Gulf of Maine groundfish stocks

February 28- Panel: Managing for Multiple Uses: The thorny life of a marine resource regulator

March 14- Panel: Salmon and water rights in Klamath Basin of Oregon and California

March 28- Panel: Herring and mackerel pair trawl fishery

Saturday, April 8- All-day session with keynote speakers and
break-out workshops

April 11- Panel: Navy sonar and its impacts on whales and their kin

April 25- Panel: Oil exploration on Georges Bank

May 9- Discussion session in the museum library

May 23- Panel: Whaling